Simple Rasam for Daily preparation


1)Small Tamarind– Soak Tamrind in 1/2 cup of water.
2)Medium size tomato – Make sure that your tomato is a ripe and Soft tomato.
3)5 flakes of Gralic – smash it with a stone or with back of a heavy pan.(Donot use mixie, neither remove the skin of the garlic)
4)3 Spoons (Medium) of Rasam Powder.


1)Take little tamrind.Soak the tamrind in water for 15-20 mins and then squeeze it with your hand.Then transfer only the tamrind water to another bowl.
2)Place the tomato inside the bowl with the tamrind water, with your hands squeeze the tomato properly with your hands.
3)Put 5 strands of corainder leavers inside the above bowl.
4)Smash 5 flakes of Garlic with a small stone and put it in the above mixture. Add 1 (medium) spoon Salt to this mixture.

5)Take a pan with oil(5 medium spooned) and allow it to get hot.Drop one mustard seed and if the mustard seed crackles, then it means that oil is hot enough to proceed to next step.

6)Put 1 spoon(medium) of black mustard seeds in the above oil.Allow it to crackle for 10 secs.

7)Then put the our mixture into the pan of crackling mustard seeds.

8)Allow it to boil till you see small bubbles at the corner. ( Donot over do the boiling)

9)Take a bowl in which you would serve Rasam and in that bowl put 3 spoons of Rasam powder.

10)Once you get the small bubbles in the boiling pan. Pour the liquid from the Pan into the bowl with Rasam powder.

Our Rasam is Ready to Eat or drink.

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