Spicy Radhish Mutton curry


1)Ginger – Little Bit
2)Garlic with skin – 4 Pods
3)Snauf – 1 Spoon
4)Cardamon – 2 Pods
5)Little water
7)Onions – 4 Sliced
8)Mutton – with bones (1/2 kg)
9)Chilli Powder – 5 Spoons
10)Turmeric – 1 Spoon
11)Salt – 1 Spoon
12)Radish – 2 medium
13)Cashews – 4
14)Poppy seeds – 2 Spoons
15)1 lump of coconut
16)Currys Leavers – 4
17)Tomato – 2 medium
18)Cinammon sticks – 2 small
19)Jeera – 1 Spoon
20)Bay leaf – 1
21)Cloves – 1
22)Star – 1

Preparation :

1)Make a paste of ginger,garlic, Snauf, Cardamon, little water in grinder.

2)Take 3 spoons of oil in pressure cooker and then add the above paste to it.Fry for few mins

3)Add Sliced onions in the cooker and then add mutton to it.

4)Add 5 spoons chilli, 1 spoon turmeric, 1 spoon salt. Mix all the ingredients properly.

5)Close the Pressure Cooker and cook the mutton for 5 whistle mutton , so the mutton becomes very soft.

6)In meantime, clean the radish and peel off the skin and slice into round circles.

7)In a mixie bowl put 4 cashews, 2 spoons poppy seeds, 1 lump of coconut add little water and grind properly. Make a paste of it.

8)On completing the 5 Whistles of the pressure cooker , put the radish in the mutton and make the radish soft.

9)Add that paste to the pressure cookered mutton.

10)Cover the pressure cover with the plate and mix it in between.

11) In another small pan add little oil, once the oil heats add 4 currys leaves, 2 medium sliced tomato

12)To that add 2 small cinammom sticks, 1 spoon jeera,1 bay leaf,1 cloves, 1 star

13) Fry all the above ingredients, till a nice aroma flavour comes. It should not be burnt.

14)Then add coriander leaves

15) To this add the pressure cooked Mutton curry

Mix the Mutton Gravy properly.

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