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Simple Rasam for Daily preparation


1)Small Tamarind– Soak Tamrind in 1/2 cup of water.
2)Medium size tomato – Make sure that your tomato is a ripe and Soft tomato.
3)5 flakes of Gralic – smash it with a stone or with back of a heavy pan.(Donot use mixie, neither remove the skin of the garlic)
4)3 Spoons (Medium) of Rasam Powder.


1)Take little tamrind.Soak the tamrind in water for 15-20 mins and then squeeze it with your hand.Then transfer only the tamrind water to another bowl.
2)Place the tomato inside the bowl with the tamrind water, with your hands squeeze the tomato properly with your hands.
3)Put 5 strands of corainder leavers inside the above bowl.
4)Smash 5 flakes of Garlic with a small stone and put it in the above mixture. Add 1 (medium) spoon Salt to this mixture.

5)Take a pan with oil(5 medium spooned) and allow it to get hot.Drop one mustard seed and if the mustard seed crackles, then it means that oil is hot enough to proceed to next step.

6)Put 1 spoon(medium) of black mustard seeds in the above oil.Allow it to crackle for 10 secs.

7)Then put the our mixture into the pan of crackling mustard seeds.

8)Allow it to boil till you see small bubbles at the corner. ( Donot over do the boiling)

9)Take a bowl in which you would serve Rasam and in that bowl put 3 spoons of Rasam powder.

10)Once you get the small bubbles in the boiling pan. Pour the liquid from the Pan into the bowl with Rasam powder.

Our Rasam is Ready to Eat or drink.

Quick Chicken 65


1)Ginger garlic paste – 1 Spoon
2)Chilli powder – Kasmiri Chilli Powder(Everest gives the right spice and colour)
3)Salt – 1/2 Spoon (medium)
4)Lemon juice – 1 Lemon
5)Corn flour – 1 Spoon
6)Bonless Pieces of Chicken – 500 gms


#Mix all the above ingredients and marinate for overnight or 2 hours in fridge(donot keep in deep freeze)

#Take a small pan which is deep so oil can be filled in half of the pan.

#Allow the oil to heat properly. Put a small piece of chicken and it should crackle properly

# Then add chicken to oil and fry till the sides have reduced bubbles and the chicken colour is light brown.

Serve with hot Rasam Rice or Sauce.

Spicy Radhish Mutton curry


1)Ginger – Little Bit
2)Garlic with skin – 4 Pods
3)Snauf – 1 Spoon
4)Cardamon – 2 Pods
5)Little water
7)Onions – 4 Sliced
8)Mutton – with bones (1/2 kg)
9)Chilli Powder – 5 Spoons
10)Turmeric – 1 Spoon
11)Salt – 1 Spoon
12)Radish – 2 medium
13)Cashews – 4
14)Poppy seeds – 2 Spoons
15)1 lump of coconut
16)Currys Leavers – 4
17)Tomato – 2 medium
18)Cinammon sticks – 2 small
19)Jeera – 1 Spoon
20)Bay leaf – 1
21)Cloves – 1
22)Star – 1

Preparation :

1)Make a paste of ginger,garlic, Snauf, Cardamon, little water in grinder.

2)Take 3 spoons of oil in pressure cooker and then add the above paste to it.Fry for few mins

3)Add Sliced onions in the cooker and then add mutton to it.

4)Add 5 spoons chilli, 1 spoon turmeric, 1 spoon salt. Mix all the ingredients properly.

5)Close the Pressure Cooker and cook the mutton for 5 whistle mutton , so the mutton becomes very soft.

6)In meantime, clean the radish and peel off the skin and slice into round circles.

7)In a mixie bowl put 4 cashews, 2 spoons poppy seeds, 1 lump of coconut add little water and grind properly. Make a paste of it.

8)On completing the 5 Whistles of the pressure cooker , put the radish in the mutton and make the radish soft.

9)Add that paste to the pressure cookered mutton.

10)Cover the pressure cover with the plate and mix it in between.

11) In another small pan add little oil, once the oil heats add 4 currys leaves, 2 medium sliced tomato

12)To that add 2 small cinammom sticks, 1 spoon jeera,1 bay leaf,1 cloves, 1 star

13) Fry all the above ingredients, till a nice aroma flavour comes. It should not be burnt.

14)Then add coriander leaves

15) To this add the pressure cooked Mutton curry

Mix the Mutton Gravy properly.